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Trying to get back in the loop

2009-01-29 22:26:18 by rg37

Ive been off flash for awhile, been busy with many other things. My band, which is going great ( And my video class, which im really good at. Everythings just been eating up my time. I wanna say that Im back into flash animation. Ive been workin hard to gewt a new style going, which I think is very good, you can see it in my new movie I released around christmas, the first of a series called "Next Big Thing". Stars Ryan (( haha)) and his best friend Alfonzo the punk rock penguin and they go on crazy adventures and stuff, I have much planned for this series. I just have to be able to keep my focus on the damn project, which has always been a problem of mine.

Musics been going well, when my band gets some really solid recordings, im planning on making a flash music video for it. so be on the lookout for that. We're a poppunk/punkrock/rock and roll band from Baltimore. No matter what your into, im sure you can find something you like about us.

Ive been playing Super Mario RPG alot lately. I havent played it since I was a little kid! I downloaded it on my virtual console on Wii and its so much fun. I truley think its the greatest mario game they ever made. Good story, humor and everything, makes me wonder why they didnt make a second, or atleast reference it ever again. I mean you have bowzer on marios team. A higher evil power!Different interesting characters((Which you never saw again)). I really wish they'd make another. Ha that'd be badass.

Im signing off now, hopes of getting done a second episode of Next Big Thing. I wont give anything away, but I hope you all will like it.


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